My Big Shouting Day by Rebecca Patterson


My Big Shouting Day made me laugh out loud

Sometimes books just get little kids and this book absolutely does. Bella is having a rubbish day everything is wrong toothpaste too minty peas too hot. Shout, shout, grumble, grumble all day long. Through playdates and through ballet she is shouty and moany. Oh dear.

rebecca patterson


Oh I recognise days such as this when kids complain all day and nothing suits them or is right. As a mum you see it through willing it to end but  knowing tomorrow may be a GOOD day and thats’s what this mummy does with calm patience and the occasional dirty look!  Bella even says sorry in the end.

The next day she is cheerful…..and evertyhting is peachy. Oh toddler hormones!

The lovely and insightful  pictures perfectly capture the toddler tantrums where cheeks are red, everyone stares, things get thrown and  and even teddy bears cover their ears.


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