RHS Grow your own, for kids


This is a lovely hardback book by Chris Collins (the Blue Peter gardener) and Lia Leendertzm.

It contains 30  easy to do projects that guide you everystep of the way through learning how ro be a gardener. It is for 5-11 year olds apparently but it taught me a thing or two!

It’s aim is to show little kids how easy it is to grow thier own fruit and veg. At a time when food waste is plentiful and we are all trying to reduce both what we spend and our carbon foortprint this has to be a good thing. Homegrown also means fresher food with  less chemicals. Fresh air and exercise equates to happy, healthy kids. Growing your own for kids can only be a good thng.

rhs for kids

It has little bits of science in it, lots of tips and loads of really enticing photos. Definately written for children to understand and follow this is one ofthe most accessible garden books I have come across. We are going to have a go at ‘grow the best corn you can’ ‘growing perfect potatoes”’how to make free pots for your plants’ and a ‘bird feeder buffet’ alll simple fun and effective projects. Blue Peter and the RHS combined make fun and practical gardening for kids.

Grow your own for kids costs £12.99 though is currently on offer £8 at Amazon inc. postage. A really lovely gift for a family I think to set them on the gardening path.

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