How to be selfish (and other uncomfortable advice)


I reviewed  Olga Levacuka last book Increase Your Confidence in One Day… and Stay Confident for the Rest of Your Life last year and liked it a lot.

Olga is an interesting woman, outspoken , full of the joys of life and yet totally aware of how low it can go. She is truly herself.

Olga is best known for working with successful, famous entrepreneurs. Olga will fully admit she likes to have a lot of money and shop a lot and she won’t apologise for that. How refreshing. Her compassion and love for her others is also clearly evident. She also works with a small number of people helping them to come out of depression and supporting them to move forward, she clearly cares passionaltely about her clients, those that are trapped, beaten, down and sad. She wants them desperately to care for themslves more.

Olga is what my dad would have called one of life’s ‘real charcters.’ She is unapologetic about her love of the good life and she wants evey one else to have a slice of it too and I find that very endearing. I think the title of the book could be How to be Self Caring becuase thats what her rally cry is for.

How to Be Selfish (and Other Uncomfortable Advice).

Olga has lived quite frankly a slightly bizarre and dramatic life so far and she recounts this with humour understanding, acceptance and compassion for herself. This was sometimes a very uncomfortable read, her own life story is in parts heart breaking and in other parts inspirational. As a Christian I found her view of religion disconcerting but actually quite challenging too..what if it is all down to us?

Olga’s affirmations and exercises are useful and positive. She is encouraging us to love, take care of and value ourselves. This is an unusual book, Olga has a direct and slightly unusual style of writing that can be quite shocking, funny and profound all at once!  It is  quite definitely an interesting and thought provoking read.

Good job Olga –  you are unique.

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