Top Parenting Books for 2012


Child raising books are great gift ideas for expectant mums and dads, especially first time parents. They offer expert advice about every aspect of child-rearing from feeding, baby names and activities, to tips of getting through the whole nine months of pregnancy.

Whether you are buying a parenting book for a young mum, a nervous guy or excited grandparents, there are thousands of books to choose from with professional guidance to help you through each and every stage of bringing up a little one.

Shower my baby books reveal the top 10 childcare books for 2012 and they include;

1.      A- Z of Having a Baby

2.      A Yummy Mummy’s Survival Guide

3.      Baby Nomics

4.      Baby Showers

5.      Baby Sign Language Basics Book

6.      Bloke’s Tips for Surviving Pregnancy

7.      Bestest Mum Ever

8.      Baby to Toddler Month by Month

9.      Manic Mum’s Guide to Magnificent Parenting

10.    Sing, Song and Play

manic mums guide

All these books offer different advice to cater for a variety of needs, so whether you would prefer to read something more light-hearted and humorous, or a piece of text that is more serious-minded, there is something for everyone.

Please take into account that times change and baby rearing practices alter with new published research, so even existent parents are always reading up on top tips and information. But don’t become too bogged down with reading every single parenting book in the library- take advantage of the precious time that you have, spend time with your baby and learn things as and when they occur.

If you really are stuck and need advice, there are numerous professionals’ available as well as family members who have plenty of knowledge and experience. Find out the prices and more info on the books mentioned above at Shower My Baby.


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