Toddlers: An Instruction manual by Joanne Mallon


Toddlers: An Instruction Manual: A Guide to Surviving the Years One to Four (Written by Parents, for Parents)

Oh, I loved this book!

Toddlers: an instruction manual doesn’t shy away from dealing with tricky issues a toddler can bring. It deals with them head on and contins  lots of postive advice and insights.

Joanne Mallon is a lifecoach and a parent dish blogger. She really knows her stuff about child development and about what parents need. Through this book she offers the perspective of some delightful parents whose writings are witty and warm.  She offers expert tips and useful research. She breaks information down into bite sized chunks and summarises each area of development which is very sseful. Most importantly no matter whether she  is looking at tantrums, sleep or feeding she ends each chapter sharing words of love for toddlers at this age and stage  and she keeps it positive.

If I was a rating website I’d give this 5 out of 5 stars. It has all a parent needs in a book about childcare; other parent’s wisdom, humour, reality, guidance, emotion and clarity. I love the books energy, toddler years may be tough but they are pure magic too.

A cracking read Joanne.  I  highly recommend this.

Nell James Publishers (30 Nov 2011)  £7.99


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