Love Monster by Rachel Bright


I’m lovin’ the Love Monster a pretty profound children’ story book!

On a simple level it is an adoreable  little story of a monster livingain a world of cute fluffy things where cute fluffy things are loved and adored. So he sets out on a journey to find someone to love him. He thinks he’s found someone just like him when he looks at his reflections and in the fancy dress shop but no…his search seems futile (Oh, who hasn’t been there!) As he’s about to give up Love finds him unexpectedly. Hurray! 


This book is about being different and feeling lonely, about feeling unloveable and feeling left out and it’s about how love can come to you unexpectedly and make it all right again. This story makes you smile if you are 3 or 90. LOVE it. The pictures are so expressive very few words are needed and they convey a lot of emotion whilst being extremely cute.

Perfect for Valentines day!!!

Published by Harper Collins £6.99


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