100 People who Made History


100 people who made history is published by DK (www.DK.com) and is a bumper A4 sized hardback. It retails at £12.99, an absolute bargain in my opinion for such an inspirational book. I am an absolutely firm beliver in giving children real heroes to read about and my kids, aged 4 and 7, know all about the suffragettes and Martin Luther King. But oh this book is amazing, it is packed with heroes. It is a real celebration of the people who ‘made their mark and changed the way we live.’

100 people who made history


Children can be put off histiory because of long rambling texts with big words, but not in this book. This book does history the way it should be presented to a child. It has big bold pictures, maps, characters bought to life, bullet points and simple summings up. A page is given to each hero and they are grouped accordingly. There are daring discoverers, inspirational inventors, thoughtful thinkers, leading leaders and clued up creatives. How fabulous. Who inpsires your child the most?

For me it’s a big hats off to Tim Berners Lee without whom I wouldn’t be able to share this fabulous book with you !

I think this is probably the best book you could buy your developing child to set them on a path of positive inspiration


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