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How to be a great mum begins with the sentence a great mum isn’t the same as a perfect mum. Children don’t need perfection and no mum could be perfect.

I knew I was going to like this book.

Each chapter is clearly and succinctly written with a chapter summary at the end listing the main points. It dives straight in wiht good, solid advice. It covers expectations, pregnancy and birth, health , happiness life as a family, going back to work, It covers pre-schoolers, educataion, food, friendships. And it moves on to teen years sex, alchohol and all that! A really wide spanning book with solid advice throughout even to supporting your child as an adult.

It isn’t a revolutionary book but it is filled with good insight and great clear advice. Lots of quotes from mum’s are included to validate the advice given and a t the back of the book is a really handy further information section.

A good book to have on yourselvesto dip intoo as required throughout the years.

Published by Foulsham this costs £8.99



If you would like to win a copy of this useful book please leave a comment with the best tip you have for being a great mum.

T&C’s:  Comp closes 27/1 Uk entrants only and 1 entry per person please.

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  1. claire woods says:

    Best tip is do what you feel is right.

  2. Gillian Holmes says:

    I’m such a great mom for teaching my daughter how to read before she started school 😉

  3. carole maciver says:

    be calm and have fun as they grow old too quick

  4. Maya Russell says:

    When your child has squabbles with other kids at school try and let them sort it out themselves, offering advice only, because they have to learn themselves the rights and wrongs of social interaction. If it does escalate, then have a word with the teacher whilst being firm but supportive with your child.

  5. A work colleague of mine was brought up with a perfectionist father, and she said she had to learn for herself that “good enough is good enough”. I think this is perfect for mums

  6. Kirsty Fox says:

    Go with your instinct, it’s normally right!!

  7. Laura Pritchard says:

    Children remember that you played on the floor with them, not that you kept the floor clean. Spend time time time with them.

  8. Lynsey Buchanan says:

    To understand that every child is an individual and give them respect. If you treat someone with respect you receive it back and this is a lesson they can learn from a very easy age and take with them thoughout their journey in life.

  9. Emma Howard says:

    Follow your instincts

  10. helen milner says:

    Realises that we embarrass them at a certain age !! Don’t feel hurt by it, cause once inside closed doors they are your liitle child again !

  11. Never wish any time away.

  12. Martina Pichova says:

    Be there for your child and listen to your instinct.

  13. Laura Carroll says:

    Encourage your children’s hopes and dreams.

  14. Pick your battles. Don’t correct every single thing they say or do, some times just let it go. It will make you feel less like a nag!

  15. Encourage your child to be the best that they can be – and once they are giving there all be happy and proud of what they can achieve. Not every kid will join Mensa, get to the olypics or manage a global corporation, but if they grow up to do their best they might be a great plumber, accountant or teacher etc. I want mine to be happy and independant adults – Lets just wait and see…………

  16. My best tip is to go with your own gut instinct – listen to advice people give you but ultimately you should go with what you feel is right! Oh and also remember to make the most of every moment with your kids – there not small long!

  17. The only tip I can think of for being a good mum is to take a deep breath, count to ten, smile and then see if that thing that made you cross really matters any more. Oh and always tell your small people that you’ve missed them we all know its nice to be missed.

  18. kirstine meredith says:

    Praise your children and others as much as you can. No-one likes negativity!!!

  19. Melanie Hunt says:

    try to see things from a child’s eyes. things that seem silly to us can mean a lot to a small child or even a teen

  20. My best tip would be to really listen to what your children are speaking to you about, not just half listen but to actually hear them.

  21. My tip is to always takes time to really listen to your child and make your time with them quality time when they have your undivided attention. Better this even for short periods each day than trying to do it along with everything else.

  22. Kate Bristow says:

    Enjoy your childs company and they’ll enjoy yours. A lot of parents don’t seem to make time for their children and miss out on the opportunity to help their little one grow and develop whilst focusing on the bad behaviour largely bought about by a lack of attention.

  23. EMMA AITKEN says:

    cherish your children, i must tell them i love them a hundred times a day. never leave them going to bed on a cross word.

  24. Ruth Tesdale says:

    When your child asks for advise which involves them making a difficult confession do not react to the confession with anger but just be glad they had the courage to go to you for help.



  26. Dessiree Brown-Llaneza says:

    Not really a tip, but i have days where i am literally tearing my hair out, i have a 3yr old boy and a 2yr old girl and sometimes when i get really bad meltdown moments, i stop, look at them, and think ‘one day, they will be older, left home, independent of me, and i know when that day comes, i would do anything to have what i’ve got right now’

  27. sue cornish says:

    Just listen to them and give them your time

  28. Sheila Sloan says:

    No matter how busy you feel, always take time to really LISTEN to what your children have to say.

  29. Alice Hindley says:

    Take time out of your busy day to play games with them

  30. You’re the boss. Don’t let your kids dictate.

  31. Julia Evans says:

    Enjoy every minute. When you feel stressed, breathe … like they told you in labour! It works after childbirth too you know!

  32. shelagh milne says:

    A happy home makes for happy people.

  33. Cheryll H says:

    Always remember that your time with them is precious. It’s so easy to forget during the school run or bedtime that it only lasts a few short years and what you teach them about you now is what they will take with them as they grow :)

  34. AIMEE SWIFT says:

    Time, patience, understanding, a shoulder to cry on, a carer, an educator and a hug.

  35. The best advice I have ever been given was when my children became stroppy teenagers and it was “don’t stress the little things” , it’s the only way I have kept sane!

  36. Jodie Burnett says:

    I dont know yet, as im awaiting my 1st. But im going to go with my instincts, and to try to be like my mum, who says as long as we are happy doing what we do, then she is happy.

  37. Have time to yourself, it makes you appreciate time spent with others more, and don’t try to do EVERYTHING, let them loose and have a bit of fun. :)

  38. Lian McCulloch says:

    Listen to your kids , take time with them and don’t be in a hurry

  39. the best tip i’ve had is to just be with them. spend time with them. sit with them. cuddle them. It keeps my daughter happy.

  40. Maria Knight says:

    My top tip is that you can NEVER show too much love-smother your children with kisses,cuddle them like you never want to let them go and praise them like they are the only child to have done something for right or for the 1st time. A loved child is a happy child and a happy child is a happy parent :-)

  41. Lisa James says:

    Best tip – Go with your instincts and not what others tell you. Family members and friends will always say “try this” or “do it this way” but ive learnt that to take their advice, but go with what i feel is best for my little one. All children are differnt after all

  42. Tina Mansfield says:

    My Tip: try to be a chilled Mum if you are streesed your kids will know it! Try to make time to spend with them doing whatever they want to do, and Laugh! it realy is the best medicine…

  43. Sarah Parker says:

    lots of cuddles and love :)

  44. Samantha Atherton says:

    Listen to them.

  45. Becky Downey says:

    They’re cute and small for such a small time. Give them so many hugs and kisses!

  46. Hazel Christopher says:

    My best tip is that if you want/need advice then get it from several sources and then decide which is right for you and your baby. All babies are different, it’s not a case of one size fits all when it comes to advice. I’ve had friends say to me “Oh try this, it really does work” ….. but what they mean is it worked for their baby, it might not work for yours. Knowledge is your best tool, read up a lot, ask questions to your GP/Health Visitor/Mum but ultimately when it comes to your baby and knowing what your baby needs YOU are the expert and 99% of the time your instinct will lead you in the right direction.

  47. Angela Green says:

    Everybody will have advice, listen to what they say and go with what you like the sound of!!!

  48. deborah davies says:

    just try to enjoy every minute with your child as they do grow up so quickly. :o)

  49. Christina Cooke says:

    I have four children, and my best tip for being a great mum is to enjoy the early years – they’re over so quickly that it’s no fun to dwell on the ‘bad points’ of parenting, just live for the moment as far as your children are concerned.

  50. Carolyn Philip says:

    Everything in moderation.

  51. Adrian Clarke says:

    Enjoy it while it lasts!
    Kids grow up far too quick these days!

  52. Ethel Tench says:

    Always remember the good and bad things that your mother and father did when you were a child. Never forget how much their encouragement helped and how much their criticism hurt.

  53. follow your own instincts and try not to let others dictate what you do with your children, and a sense of humour helps!

  54. Lesley Bain says:

    Fill your home with love and fun…be patient and explain explain explain :)

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