The Usbornne Write your own Story book


I wish I had had this fabulous book when I was young girl. It may not have took me 30 plus more years to write my first book if I had!

Write Your Own Storybook

We gave this to my son as part of his Christmas prest and he was very keen to engage with it. He began his story (invoving the Supermario characetrs no less!) straight away.

Throught the book are prompt wuestions and spaces so storuies can be devloped and children are encouraged to look at character development and beginnings, middles and ends. In the second section of the book their are lots of ideas for story themes to write about, from murder mysteries to outer space. We did some bits with my son and some bits he crafted by himself. It really helped him focus and lengthen his stories and take a more structured approach.

The book itself is lovely, non gender specific but actually rather beautiful. Anyone would be proud to develop their story ideas with in it. It is also sturdy and well constructed.

Write your own story book costs £7.99 and is published by Usborne

This is an absolute gem for creative kids or for kids whose creativity needs a boost.

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