The Parent’s Toolkit by Naomi Richards


I don’t know one parent who doesn’t want to give their child the best start in life.

We strive to get them to walk, to eat, to talk, to sleep well, to learn to read, make friends, have a good eductaion and to be happy. Along the way we can stumble, feel stuck, clueless even about how to help them. Well if this is your experience of parenting too then this brand new book by one of my oldest friends Naomi Richards is for you.

The Parent’s Toolkit (Vermilion) is released this week and it is full if simple tools to help children be happier, calmer and more resilient. Naomi is a life coach for kids and through her sessions helps with issues such as self esteem, bullying, homework, friendships and transisitions.
The book tackles all these areas as well as sibling rivalry family breakdown and school issues. In this book Naomi shares the straightforward, effective tools she uses within coaching and shows how you can use them too.

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