Reading Resolutions for 2012


I resolve to spend at least 20 mins a day involved in reading/storytelling with each of my children.

I resolve to go once a month round all my neighbourhood charity shops to find great new books for my kids

I resolve to sort out their bookcases and put away books they have outgrown (except for their favourites)

I resolve to put in more book shelving so they can keeop their books really tidy.

I resolve to use this fab book by Jacqueline Wilson 100 great books to read aloud  just 1p from Amazon to read aloud more to my kids.

reading aloud.


I resolve to help my daughter learn to read and to help my son expand his interest areas in reading.

Finally I resolve to support our local library, read with my children’s school and not neglect my own love of reading!

Happy new year everyone.

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