Vile – A Cautionary Tale for Little Monsters


Written by Mark Robinson and illustrated by Sarah Horne.

This is the fabulous tale of the Universiry of Vile where students learn to pester, pinch and push!

‘They have to say how bad they’ve been when they arrive each day

so tripping, teasing, trumping must be tried along the way.’

The illustrations are very witty with lots of little textual asides written on them to make you laugh.  Children adore ‘naughtiness’ and these little monsters are very naughty throughout the book; eating too many chips, burping and emptying bins. It will make kids chuckle.

As with all good picture books Vile cannot win the day. So after lots of it the tale progresses and two enemy monesters learn that they have to help each other to get out of a sticky situation.This new freindship does not go down well at Vile school and the monsters are kicked out and have to attend the lovely School of Manners instead. Here they learn to be nice but…whose just blown up the University of Vile ?

Very funny, lots to look at and fun to read.

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