Stop Talking Start Doing


Are you looking forward to a new year? It won’t be long now will it and I bet you have tons of resolutions up your sleeve. We all do it don’t we, talk, think plan how we aew going to change things it’s the DOING that’s the hard bit. This book: Stop Talking, Start Doing by Shaa Wasmund and Richard Newton is subtitled ‘a kick in the pants in six parts.’

The book is for people who have ideas, dreams and ambitions but secretly fear they will never do it.  It is a quick easy read and is full of great quotes and lots of visual images. It is split into six sections all fuilled with a plan and sound nuggets of advice – it considers time, motivations , fear, aims, goals and starting.

Talking doesn’t cook rice says the old chinese proverb. Indeed it doesn’t. Action is required. This book is a fantastic motivator to get you moving and planning your way into the New Year. You can dip in it aor probably read the whole thing over a few evenings. A cracking self-help book,

Good luck, stop talking, start doing and come back and read some more book reviews in 2012.

Happy New Year.


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