Review: Don’t invite Dinosaurs to Dinner


Don’t Invite Dinosaurs to Dinner is written by Neil Griffiths and illustrated by Peggy Collins. It is published by Red Robin books.

This book is hilarious. The dinsaurs cause havoc on every page of this lovely story poem. It tells you not to take them to ballet or on holiday or to the swimming pool because of the disasters that will happen if you do. It’s great fun. there are pictures of dinosaurs emptying the pool, wearing tutus, and spilling everything at the dinner table. From the first half of the book you see all that dinosaurs can mess up and the adjoining pictures are just so funny.

However towards the end of the book it turns to look at what fun dinoaurs can be – the pictures in this section are also wonderrful and show all the positves of being a huge bendy dinosaur with big teeth and tail .In fact all in all its a very sweet and calm ending to a completely riotous dinsosaur stomp of a book.

We;ll written too and a pleasure to read outloud.

My kids loved aged 4 and 7 loved this!

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