Moshi Monsters The official Annual 2012


Okay I will admit it. I have a Moshi Monster.  I am on level 5 and I neglect her terribly.

Moshi Monster is a huge phenomenon with under 10s. These cute little virtual monsters need feeding and entertaining, you have to play games to gain the Rox needed to buy them what they need and you can socially interact with other players too. My son and daughter both play and I joined in so I could keep an eye on how safe it was for them. (always a good idea.) I love it too!

This annual is packed with information on food you can buy, new houses, accessories and new things coming to Moshi world. The annual is split into months and has ideas for festivals such as Earth day and Valentines. It has interviews with monsters, silly rhymes, crazy recipes, cartoons and even a course in how to talk like a pirate.

I would say this is definately one for over 6’s as there is quite a lot of detailed writing. It’s fabulously well illustrated. My son will ADORE this. A great idea for serious fans.

Moshi Monsters: Official Annual 2012

Moshi Monsters Annual 2012 is published by Sunbird. It is availale from Amazon for £4 including delivery

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  1. Only level 5!! I’m on Level 9! Great review. I’ve bought this for my Moshi fan for Christmas and I think she’ll love it.
    Jen x

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