Cyril the Squirrel – Perfect for Christmas


Cyril the Squirrel is a lovely, funny tale written and illustrated by Jo Wright

The basic premise to the story is that Cyril is hiding his acorn under a Christmas tree that’s all lit up. When he tries to find it later he never can because the tree seems to have disappeared (ie, its no longer Christmas so no longer lit up) It’s lots of fun to count down the acorns and to watch Cyril try to figure things out.

I love the size of this book, the clear abnd vibrant illustrations and the cute, funny story. The end is very sweet too (but I won’t spoil it here!)  I would definately recommend this as a Christmas time read.

Cyril has a little online home where other books form Jo Wright also live and there are activites for kids to do and a chance to meet the characters. Do check his online home out at Cyril the Squirrel.

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