Ladybird Read it Yourself series level 1 – 4


My youngest daughter is 4 and just learning to read.  At school they use the phonics system and the oxford reading tree, It is really nice to have other, different  books to share with her at home that she can attempt to read from too. These read it yourself books from Ladybird take me right back to my own child and my first forays into reading.

The read it yourself range are a series of popular, traditional tales written in a simple way for children who are learning to read. They are full of colourful and detailed pictures that prompt children too. At the back are a variety of questions to check comprehension . These are also little puzzles at the back such as unjumbling words or matching sentences to characters in the book.

The familiariry of the stories is rather lovely too.

The Enormous Turnip is a level 1 title and so suitable for children who are
beginning to learn to read. The story is told simply, using short sentences and
a small number of frequently repeated words.

ladybird level 1


At level 2 we read Chicken Licken which is suitable for children who can read short, simple sentences.

Read it Yourself: Chicken Licken: Level 2 (Read it Yourself - Level 2)

At level 3  we read Hansel and Gretel which was particularly fab, with such expressive pictures suitable for children who are developing reading confidence and can read simple
stories with help. It has a wider range of vocabulary to help improve reading
stamina. Do remember this quite a scary story so don’t read at bedtime to nervous kids!


Last but not least at level 4 we had Heidi which just rolled back the years for me. A wonderful story. My little girl loved listening to this and by next year or the year after we will build towards her reading it

. Read it Yourself: Heidi: Level 4 (Read it Yourself - Level 4)

These books are a good size and written thick glossy card. Personall;y I massively enhjoyed this stories more than many other in learn to read book which quite frankly can be very dull. These are written around reading levels and the stories are wonderfully classic. They retail at £4.99. I think we may just have to treat ourselves to the Wizard of oz at level 4.

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