Child’s Play: Helping Hands books for pre-schoolers


A natural extention of pretend play  is actually getting involved with tasks around the home and this is a very typical child development step in the pre-school years. This series of delightful books by Child’s Play celebrate that development and give both parents and small children ideas about getting involved,

Cook It  shows the whole process of how a little one can get really involved from choosing the food to writing a shopping list right through to cooking and even washing up. The pictures are bright and vivid with lots of prompts for converstaion along the way.

Cook It! (Helping Hands)g

Next in the series we have Fix It which shows a whole host of broken toys being mended, sewn  and taped. Then it shows the process of building a toy box including buying the tape and hammering. It’s a fabulous book with clear, sweet pictures really showing a child what is involved in taking care of our toys.

Fix It! (Helping Hands)

Clean It

This is my favourite of the Helping Hands book. The kids are helping mum make the beds (and get tangled in the sheets) vaccuum (and get teddy sucked into the hoover) basically helping with all sort sof cleaning jobs and creating more work along the way. How typical! Lots of prompts here to get kids involved in daily tasks and talk about what needs to be done.

Clean It! (Helping Hands)

Grow It is the last of the four and it’s so cute. It starts with planting seeds and spraying mum with the water gun, swapping veg, resting after hard work and eating the spoils. A lovely book to encourage kids to really want help in the garden.

Grow it

Helping with real tasks encourages a sense of responsibility and shared work is very bonding between parents and children. The text is very simple in these books and the pictures anre bright and cheerful, The books are made from wipe clean board and have smooth rounded edges so they are very suitable for young children. They really portray positive family images.

A lovely range of books fom Child’s Play . These retail at £4.99

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