Tesco Books sent me Delirium to read by Lauren OLiver and asked me to tell you what mood it invoked in me.

Delirium reminds me a little of Orwell’s 1984, a government controlled emotionally void world where all the problems of messy emotions have been cured. But love of course, in the tradition of all the best romantic novels, overpowers and overwhelms control. This book was emotional, addictive, gripping, frightening and it made me feel passionate and young too.

This was defiately a book to turn my heart in somersaults. I felt quite exhausted by the end like I had really journeyed up and down with these characters, they  felt so real. To say I was moved by this book is an understatemnt. Alex and Lena mattered to me. I really cared.

I await the next one with bated breath,




Delirium is available form Tesco Books at £4.49

Tesco books have a fab book blog well worth visiting where they discuss at all sorts of books.

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