The Ladybird Book of Kings and Queens of England



The Ladybird Book of Kings and Queens

This is a fabulous book for school aged kids and parents who have forgotten a lot of the history they once knew. Each double page covers a reign and provides all the facts a school child needs to know. It begins with Alfred the great and goes right to our current queen.

It details important historical events as well as interesting facts alongside each story and is richly illustrated. Often when you look such information up in the internet you get too much or not enough or it is written for a scholar not a school child. This is pitched perfectly (for a busy mum too!) and it is lovely to think of children still handling books for reference

I think every child could do with this on their bookshelf. I have reald bits to my kids whilst they eat there tea and they have been splellbound by our colourful kings and queens.

How wonderful!

Ages 5+ £7,99

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