The Happy Birthday Party as told by Peter Andre


Peter Andre: A Happy Birthday Party

This is a cute little story told by Peter Andre to his kids and written by Sarah Fabinay. It’s all about 2 little boys (Pete and his brother?) throwing a surprise party for their sister Deb and all that this entails, making hats, bunting, gifts etc.

Pete says these these books are about sharing his childhood experiecnes and those he had with his children. It is nice to see the dad figure as the sole parent in these books doing a bit of craft and washing up . Its also nice to see the children making gifts and being creative. Deffinately some good old fashioned values in there. Even the party games are shown.

This is a lovely book to show to a child who is about to have or go to their first party.The illustrations like the story are sweet and simple.

I was really quite surprised by this book I loved its simplictiy and family values.


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