Mrs Noah’s Vegetable Ark


Mrs. Noah's Vegetable Ark

Mrs Noah’s Vegetable Ark  (Lion: 2011) provides a lovely twist on an old, old tale for 4-7 year olds.

Mrs Noah has always been in the background but this is her story. Noah may have been told by God to take care of his animals but Mrs Noah is an avid, sensible, vegetable gardener who makes her own decision to set to work on taking care of her vegetables ensuring they can withstand the flood.

It’s quite a funny tale. At first she clearly thinks her husband is quite mad but she soon comes round and decides she needs to harvest her vegeatbles to protect their vitamin needs within the ark!

The pictures are delightful. The rainbow, the flood and the dove are all there to remind us of this classic  story of faith, hard work, patience and the promise of a new world.

A beautiful story, told from a fresh new perspective with lovely, detailed illustrations.

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