Get Ahead Fred by Daisy Dawes


Get ahead Fred is by Daisy Dawes and published by Maverick Books

Get Ahead Fred

This is such an unusaully illustrated book.  It uses colourful photographed models made with all sorts of wonderful materials and fabrics. It looks traditional and totally contemporary all at once!  Wondeful rhyming handwritten text  throughout this funny little tale make it a very easy read too.

Fred is a massive hat lover but he gets rather obsessive and rather greedy. The Queen is coming to visit and he  wants the biggest and best hat. He gets it but with it all ends with dire (and very funny) consequences (very typical iof a Maverick book)

I have to say my 3 year old was a bit upset when we first read this really thinking that the ‘nice man’ had had his head chopped off because the queen couldnt hear him. Eventually she got it was just a funny story and not true! The next few times we read it she laughed but do  beware the very sensitive soul. My son aged 6 thought it was hilarious. I would definately buy another book by this GORGEOUSLY wacky authour illustrtaor.

Unusual and delightful.

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