Engaging NLP for new mums by Judy Bartkowiak


Engaging NLP for New Mums is published by MX publishing.

Judy Bartkowiak is a life coach specialising in using neuro linguistic programming with parents and children (NLP) It’s about self talk and rules for really effective communication.

NLP For New Mums - Pregnancy and Childbirth (Engaging NLP)


This is a neat little book that strips away jargon and clearly explains the rules of NLP which is very handy once you understand it.

The first chapter looks at identity and self esteen and our belief system. These all get hugely challenged in our new role as a mum. It is good and useful to explore these areas.

The book goes on to consider rapport building with other mums and how to do it, followed by how to match your baby then lead them to sleepping (very useful!) It looks at how to develop new skills through modlelling, honing and repetition. It also looks at state management, how we can take oursleves to a good state of feeling when we need to .  There are sone great tips ands techniques here, for a new mum embarking on  a new life.

Throughout the book there are little exercises for you to do to make this relevant to you.

It ends with how to deal with sibling rivalry in a  really positive way.

I already know quite a lot about about NLP but this puts it very clearly for a novice and relates it well to being a new mum. It is a very useful beginners guide.


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  1. September 19, 2011 / 2:41 pm

    Sounds interesting – working in Marketing I have read about NLP before, but I’m interested to read about it applied to parenting and think I might order up a copy!

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