The Starting School Survival Guide


by Sarah Ebnar: White ladder 2011

My littlest is just about to start school and I have so many thoughts running through my head. So many worries.

I have already been through this with my son but I am still worried. About friendships , her managing her lunch and clothes , her learning to read. Being all day without each other basically. This new book by Sarah Ebner addresses a lot of these worries and is , I found, a reassuring and practical read.

starting school guide


In this fab book she talks you through parties, the way schools do numeracy these days, how to make friends with other mums, dealing with headlice , understanding phonics, etc – everything you could possibly need to know!  She appreciates starting school at 4 or even as a mum! is a tough job and this book really holds your hand through that.

She has quotes from mums, teachers and some dads too (hurray!) all about stuff you will want to know ahead of the terrifying first term. A really sensible, smart book filled with  great advice that you will dip into many times.

Good luck new school mums!

The Starting School Survival Guide: everything you need to know when your child starts primary school   £6.30 on Amazon


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