Start School with Topsy and Tim First Writing & First Numbers


My daughter starts school in about a month (sob!) She has not been to nursery and we haven’t done anything more formal really than learnt o write her name and make a start on beginning sounds. I don’t want it all to be unfamiliar to her though. Luckily we were sent these lovely started books

Start School with Topsy and Tim: Wipe Clean First Writing

First Writing is a wipe clean book to learn letter forming. It comes with a pen which has a wipe clean function on the lid and best of all it has a holding section so the pen doesn’t get lost. How clever. I always lose such extras normally.

The book is well laid out and bright with clear pictures nect to their relevant lerttes. A nice big lettert o copy with arrows showing you how it should be written followed by lots of space to practce.   Everything you could wan tin a book like this and a very worthwhile £3.99. This can be used again and again. Mydaughter thoroughly enjoyed it and has used it several times.

First Numbers is made in the same format  and has a page for each number. I t gives the child a chance to trace the number then do a little activity to reinforce they can count to and know that number e.g draw a circle around 1 baby.

Start School with Topsy and Tim: Wipe Clean First Numbers

Again highly recommended, lots of fun and very uiseful for a beginner. Good value too.

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