School for Bandits by Hannah Shaw

School for Bandits

This book is great fun with a lovely moral twist. Ralph racoon is a very nice boy with lovely manners that his parents HATED! they were bandits ( goes well with their eyes) and they expected ther son to be BAD!

Ralph gets sent away to school to try and learn some bad manners and attitude. its very funny as Ralph keeps getting things wrong by being too nice. The story made me 4 year old laugh out loud though I did struggle to explain what a bandit was!  The illustrations in this book are marvellous, very detailed and funny and wickedly expressive.

Of course in the end niceness wins the day and the looting stealing racoons learn that being good gets more rewards.

Quite topical actually!

A funny, thought provoking story book to make you giggle.


School for Bandits is £3.99 form Amazon and publisged by Jonathan Cape

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