Mrs MacCready was ever so greedy by Julie Fulton


Another offering from Maverick Books which means in my experience that  it will be a bit quirky!

Mrs MacCready Was Ever So Greedy
Mrs MacCready Was Ever So Greedy

It is full of lovely big bright funny pictures of Mrs Macready eating….well just about everything! Some fabulous rhyme acompanies this …

‘bacon and ham GOBBLED with jam,

brown eggs scrambled or fried.

All sorts of berries , especially cherries

even with WORMS inside. ‘  (Oh and best picture goes with this!)

Well as the book goes on she gets bigger and bigger , her clothes stop fitting, everyone is worried and oh dear it all ends in her quite literally going pop!

A very funny story book with great rhymes and lovely visuals. Could put your child off being greedy forever!

Maverick Books: £5.99

(Maverick Books has its own blog where the charcters form its books make cool! Recently Mrs MacCready blogged a gingerbread recipe!)

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