William’s Progress by Matt Rudd


This book is the tale of William Walker new parent and walking disaster!. It is a very funny tale and othat new dads will be nodding along to recognition. It made me luagh out loud

I want spoil  the plot but it involves  William knocking out a very short woman at kickboxing, being accused of cat murder, destroying his home because of his didldo shaped bath taps and dealing with an ex girlfriend who eats men for breakfast!  Great stuff.

Alongside the laughs are sone really touching observations of fatherhood, (Matt Rudd the author is clearly a devoted and involved daddy.)The competitive nature of mums in regard to their childs developemt and the bitchy litlle comments often made are also cleaverly observed and our hapless hero even tries to challenge them!

This is a story of friendship, home improvement, babies, the first year of marriage , changing jobs and chicken killing neighbours. A wonderful read and one especoially for the dads.

William's Progress

                                                                          William’s Progress

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