The Fearsome Beastie by Giles Paley-Phillips


Well, The Fearsome Beastie. This book started off a bit scary but it rhymed well (so important) and I’m used to story books, so I settled in my chair .

The Fearsome Beastie

After scaring the children The Fearsome Beasite started to cry because he had no one to play with. Ahh, I thoought just my cup of tea, children should include everyone not be put off because they look different. But NO! Irreverant author Giles Paley- Phillips pulls a fast one. This is a dark, scary tale after all. Beastie is wicked! Anyway along comes Granny to sort him out…I’m getting comfortable again expecting a moral lesson to be learned …but no! Beastie is slashed and stewed!!!!!

Now stories like little Red Riding Hood only work for me if the wolf survives and repents. I am a life long veggie and I used to be a social worker and am an ardent pacifist. I read my kids therapeutic bedime stories.  (Oh dear I hear you collectively sigh!) so TBH  I was a bit shocked by the old fashioned macabre quality of this tale. HOWEVER.. ..I adored the expressive illustrations, it rhymed and scanned beautifully and most importantly…….my six year old son thought it was

FANTASTIC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and as that is exactly who Giles is writing for and who matters. I think my son is certainly the best one to review this not me! 

One for little boys and girls who don’t get nightmares and whose mumm’y aren’t veggie hippies.

Fab fun!

 This book is publsihed by Maverick Books

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