Lawrence Dallaglio: My Italian Family Cookbook


My daddy was a bookie and there are quite of Italian people involved in the racing world, he had many Italian firends. My memories of their visits all centre around food, laughing eating, making the most of a meal not a quick, rushed necessity. Italian food is a love of mine too and my children as most children adore pasta, pizza and macaroni and my 3 year old devours garlic bread and of course ice cream!

                                                          My Italian Family Cookbook

So to receive Lawrence Dallaglio lovely family cookbook felt like a comforting treat to me and already made me smile and think of warm family meal times before I had even opened it. Former England rugby captain Lawrence Dallaglio and his father, Vincenzo, share a passion for real Italian food and regularly cook together for their extended family. 

In this fabulous cookbook they take recipes form across 3 generations and with lush phoptography talk you thorugjh recipes for light bites , quick suppers, weekend food for friends, special occasions and sensational desserts.

The recipes are straightforward and look really achieveable. The desserts in particular took my fancy  I had a go at Torta al Limone (lemon tart to me and you.) It was easy as pie (no pun intended) and lovely.I love that there are recipes with just 3 ingredients such as orange sorbet. Lawrence demystifies cooking rather than makes it more complictaed and  I find this a huge releif and unusual for a cookbook.

Published by Simon and Schuster £18.99. Currently around £12 on Amazon

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