Win a medley of top baby books


The Baby Owners Manual

This fun little book comes with  ‘operating instructions, trouble shooting tips and advice on the first year  of ‘baby maintaince’. Definately for a man who is more into cars than babies!

The Baby Owner's Manual: Operating Instructions, Trouble-shooting Tips and Advice on First-year Maintenance

This owner’s manual style book is written by 2 male paediatricians, totally geared towards blokes, It is very funny has wickedly amusing drawings and has lots of very useful information,  particularly for a first time dad. It covers massage to breastfeeding holds and every concern you could imagine. It’s simple, straightforward and undaunting  An excellent little book on childcare.

How to Afford Time off with your Baby

My own book all about budgeting from pre-pregnancy to pre-school. Based on my own experioences of being a SAHM on a low budget and with all the advice and infromaton I found a long the way. This book is a comperehensive look at budgeting with a little one written in a very easy to read manner. It covers having a lovely pregnancy , baby gifts, hospital bags, nappies , playdates, birthdays, Christmas, making money, saving money, treating yourslef well and much more.

 How to Afford Time Off with your Baby: 101 Ways to Ease the Financial Strain

It also contains a comprehensive resource bank to signpost you in the right direction for benefit helplines, debt support, baby classes, etc.

Next we have…

Stuff Every Man Should Know by Brett Cohen  £6.29

A little black book filled with fun advice such as how to give a good compliment, how to bet on horses and how to give a great massage. So some useful some not so…! It is funny, useful and a great thing for a man to have in his pocket for a quick something to read. This is all the stuff they should know but probably don’t.

 Stuff Every Man Should Know

 Easy to dip and out of this pocket size hardback is an absolute delight. Massage and compliments? I am having my partner read this s asap!

Continuing in the same vein we have Stuff Every Husband Should Know  £6.29

Stuff Every Husband Should Know (Pocket Companions)

Again a little black, hardback, ,pocket sized book which is an absolute delight. This contains the 10 commandmets of laundry (so needed at out house!) learn to listen (or at least pretend too! (not sure about that one!) and how to rid the home of a spider. It is funny, useful and informative. Would make a great little anniversry gift

Last but not least I have this awesome ebook for you (okay its by me;-)

click to buy & download now. £1.50

Packed full of things to do with your little one this spring; covering frogspawn and St George’s day to May Pole making  and finding out about Passover.  ( and I promise you a free copu  of my summer activites ebook too (when I ‘ve written it!)

Phew. Thats it ! What a lovey bundle of books.


To win this selection of boooks simply head over to my BABY BUDGETING BLOG to enter and tell me why you love to read. Comp ends on fri 25rth at 8pm. Winner chosesn at random  by Babybudgeting. Oh and if you like my facebook page as well as leave a comment that counts as 2 entries.  Good luck!

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