Three good things…in the world of books


I am grateful this week for reading how to be a happy mum and figuring out that I can make life a bit easier for myself by going with the flow

I am thankful for world book day and reading being at the forefront of everyones mind also the fab online stories we listened too.

I appreciate my mum the magnificent storyteller that she was and her legacy for sharing stories that is a major part of our life.

I am also really pleased I finally finisihed my new ebook 50 ideas for a sensational Spring fun on a budget with under 5’s


It’s been a good week in books for us.

Hope you read something fab x

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy From the Heart

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  1. Nice to see cheerfulness associated with books and reading.
    World Book Day was a mixed bag here with a 10 year old being told by school he could not have a book token unless he dressed up and then thinking I was inadequate as I could not instantly come up with a Roman Centurion costume with ten minutes’ notice.
    I too read a book this week about going with the flow as a mum and it is in my reasons to be cheerful over at
    My late Mum was a real story-teller and was the key to me establishing a blog in the first place telling my stories I suppose.
    Congrats on e-book

  2. Thanks so much Love your reasons too , Books do make me happy x

  3. Great recommendation, I want to be a happy mum, too. I’ll look the book up.

  4. Lovely booky (I know that’s not a word hehe) reasons indeed :)


  5. I don’t know did nt russell brand use it in his latest book title?

  6. Michelle Twin Mum says:

    I have heard great things about your e-book.

    I love to read and luckily all my children seem to be following in the same vein.

    Have a great week, thanks for joining in. Mich x

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