The Magical Adventures of Swankypants

To start with this seemed an odd book. A big hardback picture book which was really long with lots of smallish print?  It felt like it should be a 50 page paperback size book for a young reader. But you know what…my toddler daughter absolutely LOVED it. The chapters took about 10-15 minutes to read and it took us just over a week to devour this book. One chapter at a time. She was desperate for bedtime to get to each next chapter. It felt rather strange for a picture book to be so wordy but the pictures were fab and she liked it, so why not?

The book is the story of Swankypants the magical cat who is given this special collar that takes him on adventures. A naughty fairy wants the collar and has sent another cat (Major Black ) to try and get it. Each chapter follows a similar theme of going on a little adventure, thwarting Major Black and retrieving a treasure. To kids this gives a nice sense of what is coming and familiarity and a lovey build up to…Christmas!


It has all the right indgrediants; talking animals, a naughty fairy, adventures magic and santa. My 3 1/2 year old and my 6 year old were well engaged. I found some bits a little hard to read when the print was over the picture and it made me stumble a few bits. I could see what was coming at the end but I was still enchanted. 

Verdict: A fab book for an older toddler. RRP: £13.99 hardback

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