She’s ready to read so off we go.


My daughter is 3 and half and absolutly greedy for words…shes traciung them, joining dots to make them, trying to read numbers, point them out and just gobble them up. It’s so exciting. it seems to have sprung from nowhere although we are avid readers.  She has had 2 books at bedtime and loads more besides each and every day.

This weekend I am going to cut out the letters of her name and let her order them. Annalise is a big name but we’ll have lots of fun with this. I will make them big and bold!

Hope you have a fun weekend too.


Thanks to Chris at Thinly Spread blog for inspiring me to define a plan. Always a good thing for me!

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  1. Oh bless her! It’s SO exciting isn’t it?! Keep me informed of progress please!

  2. Hi Becky
    Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog! Yours looks fantastic and so informative, thank you!
    Watching a child learn to read is, hands down, one of the most magical things that ever happens! I had the privilege of watching it happen to nearly 30 children a year for 10 years- wow! Have fun with all the wonderful things that are just around the corner :-)

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