Ping and Pong SPLASH


Splash  by Amy Trevaskus, illiustrated by Alison Heath

SPLASH! is the first book is a series of pictures story books about Ping and Pong (little people who live in a clock) and their best friend Lucy. 


ping and pong


SPLASH explains how Lucy found Ping and Pong in the clock one day (I really wish this little story had been a book in itself – it would have been gorgeous!) and on this particular day is heading off to the park with them to hopefully splash in some puddles.

It’s a lovely story, really simple, about the different things we like to do and how everyone has to take turns nd have a chance at doing what they like. Ping and Pong are just like all children and just the sweetest  little friends to have.

My 3 year old loved this story and made me draw Ping and Pong for her so she colour them in just as soon as we had finsihed. She said she liked it becausee they went to the park and lived in a clock  the familiar and the absurd both so important to a little one.

The illustrations are really expressive.  I was very touched by the different ways the charcters approached going down the slide it reminded me of the differences in my children. It’s subtle but preceptive book.

The ethos behind these books is a sense of close values and learning thoeugh adventure. It is a tradional, gentle, old fasjhioned kind of story delightful, We will definately be getting the others.

I love that the charcters are based on the authors childhood imaginary firneds. 

 For more information you can visit the website Ping and Pong   Books can also be purchased at Amazon and waterstones  and sales of the book support the NSPCC

Three more books in the series are coming out this year :

Grow (in March 2011) learning about  fruit and veg in the garden with lucy’s grandparents and

SummerHoliday out in July about tgoing with the fmaily to the UK seaside and

Christmas Adventure out in Sept all about celebrating everything goof about a family Christmas

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