Nice Bear, Naughty Bear – The good manners book


Nice Bear Naughty Bear The Good manners book £4.99 by Maverick

It aims to teach manners and social skills to very young children. It contains lots of catchy rhymes that are geared to help them realise that
having good manners opens the door to a happy life.

 nice bear,naughty bear

There are lots of different bears to illustrate these lessons and teach manners and my favourite has to be Rude bear. The illustrations are magic. Rude bear has her arms folded, tongue stuck out and a glare on her face.  I love the advice she gets!

There no excuse for being rude

Just because you’re in a mood

The book contains poems about Please bear, Moaning bear, Helpful bear Greedy bear, Sharing bear, Yelling bear, Boasting bear and many more. Each four line verse has a full page picture to accompany it. I loved this book, I am sure I will be dipping in again and again to illustrate a point, in a humorous but direct way…perfect for kids.

After reading this book with my 3 year old kept giving me random things, felt tips, her drinks bottle etc. When I asked her what she was up to she told me she was being a sharing bear. Later I had cause to tell my 39 year old husband off for being a moaning bear,

Little bears who often moan

Will soon find they are on their own

And then I called my friend for ½ hour. Ha!

What a great book. Really useful and fun.

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