Ladybird big noisy book FARM HULLABALLOO


Ladybird big noisy book Farm Hullabaloo £10.99 by Justine Smith

farm hullaballoo

A lovely big board noisy book with 8 different animal sounds. What a gorgeous big book for a baby –toddler. It is bright, sturdy, has good clear animal noises and interesting pictures with lots to see. It looks atBlossom farm and has a 2 page spread on each animal, telling the child a little bit about how they are looked after as well as some fascinating facts. Have to admit I had no idea cows made 90 glasses of milk a day I also didn’t know a pig farm was called a piggery and that they had bad eyesight…so there you go. You learn stuff in the most unusual places.

The pictures of the farm are lovely, full of detail and things to talk about. Lots of parts are labelled too so you can point these out to your child and chat about them. There are tabs along the top sp little ones can easily reach the page about their favourite animal.

The farm family are very expressive too and it’s a really well drawn book. A guaranteed hit I think.Ladybird Big Noisy Book: Farm Hullaballoo!

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