The Pregnancy Test: 150 important, embarrassing and slightly neurotic questions


The Pregnancy test book

The PregnancyTest Book  is a cracking  book for an anxious pregnant lady. I so wish I had had this. The questions asked within it are absolutely the ones I worried and wonderd about. So many myths suurround what you can and can’t do when you are pregnant you can end up very confused if you ask around. In this book those questions are addressed and get answered conclusively. Fantastic!

I’ll give you a couple of  examples:

Q.Why do my farts smell so bad now I am pregnant?

A. It’s to do with the relaxing of your digestive tract apparently!

Q.Can my unborn baby really taste what I eat?

A.Yes they can from 28 weeks!

Q.Can severe constipation hurt my unborn baby?

A. No but it can hurt you so eat lots of fibre, drink lots of water

What a useful little book to dispel your pregnancy worries!  It is also a handy handbag size. It is not relsaed yet int he UK but is available to pre-order on Amazon for £8.99.

The Pregnacy Test is written by Melissa Hecksher and published by Quirk Books

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