For the Love of Books 2011, I pledge…….




What could you do during February to spread the love of books. Here is my grand plan….

  • To go to the library with my children each friday throughout February.
  • Read to my 6 year old son  at least 3 times a week (he reads so well I have almost stopped doing this and it’s a shame)
  • Read a classic myself rather than rubbish magazines. I will start with rereading The Great Gatsby which I adore to ease me in
  • Pick a book of my shelves for each of my 3 best freinds and post it off
  • Give Oxfam bookshop 5 books I know longer need.

These ideas are inspired by Share the Love of Books 2011 it is all about finding creative ways to share your love of books with others throughout the month of February. Could you blog 5 pledges to do this? If you do you might want to enter your link at Playing by the Book and to check out what everyone else is up too. Have fun!

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  1. I love your pledges! Especially reading to your son – you’re right, once they’re able to read for themselves it’s ever so easy to stop reading to them but actually it can still be such a lovely, special time. *So* glad you’ve joined in with Share the Love of Books!

  2. He keeps saying no thank you to my efforts but I plan to do it whilst he is trapped eating his tea tonight to get him back into it…AHA!

  3. I love this idea! May well have to sign up too…. found you from Blow Your Own Bloghorn

  4. Fab Becky..I love blow your own blog horn for finding new blogs 😉

  5. What a fab idea :)

    I love the Great Gatsby too – there’s nothing quite so lovely as curling up with a good book – I really must try and make the time to do so a little more often!

  6. What great ideas, good luck with your pledge. x

  7. Thank you Liz!

  8. Great idea, great blog, especially in current climate when libraries are under threat.
    Love the idea of sending books to friends, I have a stack ready for Oxfam, so this is a good reminder.
    I also tend to read magazines rather than books (I used to read loads of books) just because it’s quick and immediate, I have at least 3 books I am half way through – I must get inspired. Enjoy the Great Gasby – it’s wonderful

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