Story time for under 5s: Duckie’s Rainbow


 Guest post by the generous, craft loving blogger Maggy Woodley

 I am Maggy & this is Red Ted. Over at Red Ted Art we LOVE books for children and love creating lots of crafts around books. Bring to of our favourite things together in one place.

 We love Becky’s Books Blog, as books are such a fun and important feature in any child’s life and we are so pleased to get the chance to share some our favourites with you!


   Duckie’s Rainbow, by Frances Barry. If you are looking for a book on rainbows, this is your book (or at least our favourite by far, and we have several!). Duckie is hurrying home to avoid the coming rain, he passes through red poppy fields, orange bridges and yellow cornfields etc. Simply, but lovingly illustrated, with simple text. The illustrations are very appealing to children and I love how on each page a different verb is used for Duckie’s progress (e.g. waddle, paddle, rush..) . Great for reading allowed (even Pip Squeak was enthralled). The rainbow takes shape as you progress in the story (i.e. the book is rainbow shaped!). We really love it. Red Ted even learnt the colour Indigo from this book (he favourite part of the book!).

Definitely for the younger age range though – judging by my children 6mths – 3.5yrs?

If you like the sound of this book, hop over to Red Ted Art and see how we made our very own rainbow cookies, delicious and brightens up any grey winter morning!

Maggy & Red Ted

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