Parent Taming (for teenagers) Review and Giveaway


 Parent Taming by Sandi Hunter  (Red Gecko 2010)

Parent Taming is all about helping teenagers to understand and deal with themselves and the adults in their lives in a co-operative and pro-active way. It’s about helping them be mature positive reasonable and appropriate in their communications so adults REALLY hear them.

It is packed with examples and scenarios and written in teenager accessible language.

 Many books are written for parents on how to deal with teenagers, but this is the other way round! It is written for teenagers with guidance on how to deal with parents!

It is like life coaching for teenagers to help them and the adults in their lives communicate and negotiate more effectively.

 Young people are helped to get a deep understanding of themselves and others, and an insight as to why they, and the people in their lives, behave the way they do.

It gives them tools to avoid and change negative behaviour patterns and to find solutions. They learn a good understanding of their emotions, are taught how to manage their anger, and become equipped with the tools to prevent conflict situations from getting out of control… This book provides young people with skills that, if practised, will benefit all their relationship.

Emotional intelligence is really important to happiness and to relationships yet often gets untaught amidst the academic focus of our education system. This book is all ablaut being emotionally intelligent and creating win / win situations, being positive and solution focused. All really good stuff. It even tells teenagers to give themselves a time out when the situation arises  (as unless they are calm it isn’t ever going to come off well !) Maybe this  book could help gang situations too!

Well worth an adult buying for their teenager as it can teach a teenager all an adult would want them to know but without the adult getting in the way!  


I have one copy to give away. To be in with a chance of winning it just tell me in one sentence what you were like as a teenager!

 Comp closes on Dec 30th. UK entrants only please. 1 entry per person. Winner picked at random,

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  1. I was a doc Martin wearing, charity shop scouring, bookish type of teenager!

  2. Wendy McDonald says:

    Soulful, spiky haired, black lipstick and nail varnish wearing, punkish outcast!

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