10,000 Baby Names: Review and Giveaway


*Comp now closed our winners are caroline, angela, Julie, Donna, Jade and Sharon*

I have 6 copies of this fab baby name book by Holly Ivinds (White Ladder: 2010) to give away to lucky readers. What a nice gift this would make for a pregnant pal too – there is certainly a lot of choice here!

(White Ladder publish / sell tons of great books related to kids, do take a look at their website here)

The book is jam packed with popular baby names, the latest celebrity choices and names making a comeback.

Lots on meaning and origin, funny names and names you want to be avoiding! It looks at middle names, inmitials and nicknames and it is a clear easy read. great stuff.

Anna Sassin? Perhaps not!

But a good one for a book reviewer:  Paige Turner!

Oh I do love a good baby name book! I drove my hubby mad with these when I was pregant. The name that I loved and he would never agree to was Taliesin. I still think about it


In order to be in with a chance of winning just let me know what baby name did you never get to give? UK entrants only please. Competiton closes midnight Weds 15 December 2010. 

P.s This same comp os running at www.babybudgeting.co.uk where there are another 6 of these fab books to be won if you want to double your chances!.

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  1. Carolina J. says:

    It was Leonidas. It was actually my husband’s wish (the King of Sparta means a lot!), but I did not let him….

  2. If our son had been a girl I wanted to use the name Brody! I’m glad he was a boy though, because I don’t like the name any more….!

  3. Nicola Seary says:

    The only name I regret not being able to use was Destiny.Other contenders which lost out due to babies gender were Kayla,Thomas and Lexie.I still like all these names.

  4. I really like the name Gabriel for a boy, but my husband hated it… fortunately we had a baby girl!

  5. shane weir says:

    sawyer or almeyda

  6. harline parkin says:

    if my daughter wasa boy the name would have been james after my brothers middle name instead i had a daughter and she was named melissa from little hpuse on the prarie

  7. l would love to call my little girl ‘SUMMER’

  8. Wendy

  9. Claire Macmanus says:

    If i had a boy i really liked Devin or Mylo (but according to alot of friends Mylo was a “Tweenie Name”), just as well i had a little girl! Naming her was easy.

  10. Angela Webster says:

    I wanted to call my daughter Daisy Jane but my ex-husband was dead against it, I’m pregnant at the moment and love having a long list of names to look at.

  11. I like fleur

  12. Ariadne

  13. Paula Green says:

    Martin Peter after the great footballer hubby just would nor for it!

  14. katherine grieve says:

    Oliver Harrison

  15. The christian name of Bradley, but as the surname was Bradley, it would have been like a stammer!

  16. David Sweet says:

    Isolde, to go with the boys name we had chosen

  17. belinda hendry says:

    if i would have had a daughter she would be called tanni – lee or Honey – mae

  18. Emma Steigmann says:

    I loved the name Sheridan for a girl but I didn’t really think of that name until I was preganant with my 2nd and he was a boy plus my hubby hates it! I also wanted Jody for a boy or Cody for a girl but again hubby said no!

  19. We are hoping that some day we will get to name our first child. However the same I’ve always wanted since being a wee girl has been ruled out due to hubby’s surname. I wanted Duncan Iain, but since our surname starts with a “K” I’m not allowed due to the initials!!

  20. Victoria Boland says:

    Pia for a girl.

  21. There have been loads, but one of the ones I really loved was Honey… it would still go with my other girls names tho if we had another =)

  22. Sharon Witney says:

    I always wanted Jade for my first daughter even before I thought seriously about having kids. Unfortunately I have a niece with that name so when the time came it didn’t seem appropriate. I ended up with Jasmin.

  23. My lovely partner has also given Taliesin the big thumbs down, along with Oisin for a boy. He’s mainly fine with my picks for girls. A long-term favourite, Mia, is going to be out for a girl as my sister has used Leah along with Ruby etc for girls seeing as my name is Jade. Maybe I’ll try and sneak them in as middle names!

  24. EMMA WALTERS says:

    i love the name harrison but someone at work beat me to it :(

  25. Heather Shaw says:

    I wanted to call our son Rick… Rick Shaw! Lol

  26. JULIE PANNELL says:


  27. If we have a boy I’m not allowed to have my favourite name ‘Thomas’ because it is the name of my OHs best friend :-(

  28. Nina for a girl and Etienne for a boy – both rejected….

  29. Emily for a girl.

  30. Sally Willcock says:

    Had 2 boys and lots of girls names sorted – Esme, Matilda and Martha to name but a few – ah well! The boys are gorgeous, little bu***** but I wouldn’t swap them.

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