Friday review and competition, Win: Positive Psychology for Dummies


*Comp now closed the winner was @Jennybar77*

By Gladeana McMahon & Averil Leimon (Wiley: £15.99 – worth every penny. Just think what would a therapy session cost!))

This is a big book teeeming with ideas about positive psychology. Basically it’s a big old ‘how to be happy’ book.  It’s fantastic! We would probably all agree the most importnat thing in life is to be happy yet we probably spend more time reading our car manuals than directions on how to be happy!

This book aims to help you understand principles and theories to  building a better life for yourself and those around you. It explains through a series of simple exercises  ways to help you be more successful, healthier and happier. It aims to arm you with skills to recognise your sterengths, alter faulty thinking and manage difficult emotions.

It’s build upon the latest reserch and sound principles of psychological theory. Averil is a leadershoip psychologist and Gladeana is the lead personal development coach in the UK. Whilst reading this book you do feel you are in good hands!

Chapters include:

  • Loooking on the bright side
  • Finding pleasure in life
  • Benefits of being happy, healthy and well
  • Looking at the past present and future
  • Engaging in life

……………..and many, many more.

It’s really easy to dip into this book for inspiration in the area you need, I believe I shall use it again and again. There is a lovely chapter on Being a Positive Parent which includes 40 ways to say very good to a child, the importance of positive rituals and teaching your child about gratitude. Great Stuff.

My favourite exercise so far int the book is to the Big I little I exercise which helps you recognise different facets of yourself. I drew an outline of a big I and filled it in with lots of little positive I statements such as I can be funny, I can be creative, I can be a loyal friend, etc. This made me feel ACE! and it’s one I am going to have my son do too.

A totally cracking book with a huge long life of use in it.


Gladeana has very kindly given  a copy of this fab book for a lucky reader. Please just tell me your best tip for happiness. Do, DO leave your email/twitter conact or I have no way of contacting you if you win. Good luck everyone. I will choose a winner on 19 Nov and they will receive a copy of this fab book!
UK/Ireland entries only pls.

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  1. your kids

  2. best tip for happiness
    is to read a really funny book

  3. Always smile and say have a nice day when you are served in a shop, bar or restaurant because you will feel good and a smile makes a smile – go on try it!

  4. Reducing you consumption of news to a minimum.

  5. dramaqueen says:

    Share a smile with everyone you meet. You will receive lots back and feel much happier. @bev_metallica

  6. clairew137 says:

    To be positive and not let life get you down.

  7. Remember that today's news is tomorrow's fish and chips. Be yourself and don't dwell on what others think!

  8. chrismareeves says:

    Just remember your only here once and that life is something very very special.Have the best time you can and is that arguement about who left the bathroom light on really worth the effort at the end of the day.Take time out and space if you are felling pent up and do something to unwind.

  9. make time for yourself even if you think there isn't enough time to do anything

  10. Best tip for happiness? Never lie to yourself!


  11. My best tip for happiness is to think positively about the good things in the life you have rather than being dissatisfied and craving a life you cannot have.


  12. Doing something nice for someone such as Knocking next door if you are going down the tip to see if they have anything that needs taking or even something as small as passing your pay and display ticket on to someone I try and do one small thing a day it makes me smile:0)xx


  13. @andrewcbo twitter
    Accepting what you have in this world and being really glad you have it. Families, nice homes unfortunely not everyone has one close by. Be accepting of everything you have makes things great (not to mention smiling)!

  14. ~stitcherdeb~ says:

    Surround yourself with positive people.

    @lancsgal09 twitter

  15. My tip for happiness is to be realistic and find humour in everything. For example, you will probably never get back a flat, non-wobbly stomach if you've given birth to three children, but to give them and yourself a giggle show them your jelly-belly! Twitter – @maisietoo

  16. @kushlacat

    easy. don't drink (if you're me!)

  17. Steven Montgomery says:

    Paint a canvas 😉

  18. Finding joy in little things and giving yourself little treats often, a bubbly bath, a bar of chocolate, a drink with a friend.

  19. louise obrien says:

    Getting up early and learning to slow down and smell the roses. A big part of that is not demanding too much of yourself.

  20. Learning to adapt and accept whatever situation you find yourslef in, while making action to change it for the better. Counting your blessings!

  21. ~Andie's adventures in Listland~ says:

    Make a list of random things that make you smile…it's a real mood lifter :)


  22. MMM Chocolate… but its a girl thing!

  23. Anonymous Mummy says:

    Spend as much time with positive people as you can. Avoid negative people who bring you down. :-)

  24. Take it day as it comes, you cannot change the past and the future has not yet arrived and try and not mix with people who sap your energy,

  25. Waking up thinking its a work day but really its the weekend! Yepee

  26. Grip a pencil between your teeth (horizontally) – you will find that all you can do is smile…. Makes me giggle and feel good every time….

  27. Best tip for happiness:

    Love yourself. Everything else will follow neatly.

  28. Don't sweat the SMALL stuff!!!

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