Mistress of the storm – A classic in the making?

Mistress Storm is published by  David Fickling, which also publishes books such as Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night and Philip Pullman’s books. Like these books it is billed as having a  cross-over appeal, being read by adults and children
This book has been referred to as a  ‘classic in the making’ It’s about smuggling, boats, witches, heroines and children. I didn’t expect to like it (or I confess to read every page) but I did! It is the first book by the ayuthor Melanie Welsh and the first of four hich will feature heroine Verity Gallant. This book is as much about magic as it is about being the left out girl at school. I actually found it a bit scary, a bit romantic and a real page turner.
It has had some fab reviews;

 ‘The best 9 to 12 children’s book I’ve read this year.” Philip Dawes, Waterstones

“Just very occasionally, when you have a new book to read by a new author, you find that you have come across a book that deserves to become a classic. I would highly recommend it to adventure-loving children, and adults too.”
Ruth Ng, The Bookbag

I desperately want an adventure loving kid I know to read this so we can have a good old chat about it. Unusual, different, interesting book. I will be reading the next instalments. A classic in the making? Possibly. It would make a cracking film. Excellent baddies.

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