Friday competiton: 50 Ways to Raise your Child’s Self Esteem by The Kids Coach

Naomi Richards, also known as The Kids Coach is a life coach for kids.  She coaches children on any emotional or behavioural problem they have at school or at home helping them through situations that they find difficult. She mainly works with them on their interpersonal skills and self-belief. One of her specialist areas is helping children to build their self-esteem. Hence her newly launched ebook, because whilst you could pay Naomi to do it..if you can do it yourself  you can do it again and again and again till you get it right!
Naomi’s intent for this e-book is to support parents who want to build their children’s self-esteem from an early age. It has also been written for parents who already have children with low self-esteem; who want to help their children build their confidence and to change their beliefs about themselves.
It’s got some really practical ideas that make complete sense. Most importantly it’s very achieveable which makes you more likely to have a go. My 2 favourite tips were these:
1.    Let them earn pocket money by helping out around the house and then let them spend it on whatever they like – after all they have earned it.
I gave this one a go and my 6 yr oldson sorted the laundry for me and loaded it, helped me fold it all up and put it away. I HATE this job. Doing it together gave us time to chat, made it more pleasurable for me and he got 50p for a job wel done which he was delighted with. I expeact him to help with some basic jobs but am happy to give a little pocket money for extras and it put a smile on both our faces!
2.    Do an activity together such as doing a jigsaw and let them see you how much you love spending time with them
I played ponies for 1/2 hour yesterday with my daughter. I ve been so busy I have neglectd just playing and oh she loved it. It made her game importnat and she felt important and you know what, I had fun too (and I still got done what I needed to!)
Love your tips Naomi. Simple, doable, and highly effective! 
For just £1.50 you and your kids are getting some quality times and experiences. Blimey £1.50 wouldn’t even buy two bars of chocolate these days (also inside the e-book is a £15 voucher off a session with Naomi which doesn’t expire till next March – excellent value!) To purchase this ebook please follow this link  50 ways to boost your child’s self esteem More information on Naomi’s work and her regularly updated blog acabn be forund at The Kids Coach  
Anyway for this weeks competition….to win a free copy of  50 ways to boost your child’s self esteem  please just share your top self-esteem boosting tip. A winner will be picked at random next friday 15/10 at 4pm.

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  1. My 11 year old is a fussy eater, so one night a week, I let her choose what we have for tea, and she cooks it (with supervision of course!) and praise for cooking such a tasty meal. She loves cooking for me, and is now willing to try new foods, or ones she has previously rejected. :)

  2. Becky Goddard-Hill says:

    What a fab idea Ruth!

  3. mummybean says:

    I enrolled my son into an *expensive* after-school activity of his choosing and his confidence has built slowly but surely as weeks & months have gone by.

    He already shows signs of improvement by proactively choosing an activity or team based sport to do that he wouldn't previously try and has developed a wonderful imagination!

    Well worth the money :o)

  4. Becky Goddard-Hill says:

    Thats brillaint! My little boy stated footabll so tentively a year ago he's so small and they seemed so big. last week he played his first match and maaged some tackle s too. He's never going to be Beckham but he's more confident in the playground as a result !

  5. MummyLion says:

    i wish i had lots of wise words about self esteem cos id love to win the book but i've only got one 9 month old so not much to draw upon so far! my main tactic with him so far is: lots of love, cuddles, play and eye contact.

    lets see if that works!

    i also plan to respect his views and listen to him, as childrens views are often overlooked.

    mind you im imagining that is easier said than done!

  6. Becky Goddard-Hill says:

    love cuddle play and eyecontact are top raising self esteem tips …doing them when they are 4 and defiant is the challenge! Thanks Mummylion x

  7. louisestrachan says:

    Raising self esteem is so important. My daughter is 11 and can be quite a tough critic of herself, so I ensure she is reminded of all the strengths she has and that she is capable of anything she puts her heart and mind into and of course that she is cherished and loved unconditionally as are all my children x

  8. Frame a kids' artwork and hang it up.

  9. Gosh these tips are amazing. If I get another 40 I will be able to do another book! Thank you all for entering and keep them coming. Thanks. Naomi

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