Baby’s Here…Who Does What? by Duncan Fisher


The subtitle of this book is how to split the work without splitting up!

This is an interesting concept for a book. It is essentially about the roles we take on when a new baby comes along and the importance of teamwork and sharing that we need to consider. Fisher looks at a very typical problem. With the birth of  new baby a dad can feel shut out of the mummy/baby relationships and the caring. Mum can feel completely overwhmed by her new resposibilities and quite isolated (yep that definitely happend to us) 2 out of 3 couples apparently feel having a baby makes their relationship worse. Oh dear!

Fisher satates the aims of this book are to help mums feel more confident, less stressed and to enjoy the other aspects of life too (sounds good to me.)  He also wants dads to be able to earn what they needs whilst staying central to their kids lives.

The relationship between mum and dad is key here as he points out taking care of the 2 of you is vital  to taking care of your baby.  In 2009 a survey of 7 thousand kids revealed family relationships were THE most important influence on their lives. 

Having set out it’s store the book then delivers. loads of practical tips about sharing housework, flexible working, men finding their ways in ‘mums and tots’ groups, etc. Each chapter ends with questions and topics for the two of you to discuss around the kitchen table  and lots of inpiring thoughts along the way.And if to finally convince you to share roles more Fisher cites a survey that shows parents who share roles more have more sex. Nuff said really.

An interesting book, insightful and really focused on parental relationships. I live a very traditional role  ( I am a full time mum/hubby works/I do everything in the home!) Not sure if we would be happier if we both did a bit more of both but it has made me think about it. That’s got to be a good thing.

This book is ever so easy to read , really clear, colourful and digestable. This lovely book has it’s own website  and Baby’s Here…. can also be found on  Facebook  .

The final word: This book gets a huge thiumbs up form Dierdre Sanders at the Sun who says she would hand it out to all new parents. I would trust that ladies advice on anything! She’s an institution.

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