Whale Done Parenting: How to Make Parenting a Positive Experience for You and Your Kids [Paperback]


Whale Done Parenting: How to Make Parenting a Positive Experience for You and Your Kids

How is it they can get the most feared predator in the ocean to urinate on cue, and we can’t get our son to stand up and pee into the toilet?”

Have you heard of this? I hadn’t but I was asked to review it ages ago and it has stuck in my mind.This book sounded a bit crazy to me…how to get your child to behave along the principle of whale training. However (honestly) I had to try it out and it worked. The idea is you make doing the tough task as absolutely doable as possible e.g not a sticker after you have been to the potty necessarily but a nice time when you are on the potty instead…a story, company, etc. The authors make the point how much better would the dentists be with lovely lighting  perhaps a tv on, manicure etc as we have our teeth dirlled! This is how they train whales apparently! Maske the experience as nice as possible so tasks more likely to be achieved.

The book encourages lots of positve, diverse feedback for any hint of positive improvement, ignoring unwanted behavoours as far as possible and focusing  on the desired behaviour completely.

I got my son to try 5 new foods by making them bitesize , loads of praise, fun treasure chart and promise of an adventure when 10 had been tried and a cheer after every one, ignoring any fuss. It WORKED a treat. I had lost my way and just been getting grumpy with him with poor effect.

I would not have been able to keep these techniques up BUT I think this book is fab for bringing about a behaviour change.
Overall I think this is an unusual, not  brilliantly written, but very useful book (particularly if you have got a bit stuck!

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