Save Our Sleep: Helping your baby to sleep through the night, from birth to two years – Tizzie Hall


Save Our Sleep: Helping your baby to sleep through the night, from birth to two years (Paperback) by Tizzie Hall ( Vermilion, 2010)

Baby induced sleep deprivation is horrible isn’t it? It makes your days tough, your head fuissy, your relationships strained and according to Tizzie it can even affect your metabolism and you put on weight.


Tizzie Hall is an interntional sleep expert. She has been `reading’ babies and working out what they need since her childhood. She clearly knows a thing or two about sleep. This book is packed with case studies and examples of how her sleep techniques have helped many many frazzled and shattered parents. The book is packed with sleep supporting tips. Some I had never heard of and I decided to try them out.

My little 2 years old was waking at 5.30 EVERY day. Tizzie suggests making sure your baby is down for 7pm (she calls it catching the 7 o clock bus) as a later bedtime may cause the child to wake earlier. It’s all to do with sleep patterns apparently. Well I tried this and she slept till 6 30 the first night. How bizarre – and how brilliant! Her other tip that I tried was to treat a 5.30 wake as you would at wake and resettle your child for sleep. I have only had to do this once and it worked (albeit for 15mins!) Tizzie presents different sleep routines for differents ages and stages.

If sleep routines are your `thing’ these look pretty straightfoward and are even customised for premature babies, twins etc. I’m not a sleep routine kind of mum but I did like Tizzie’s approach. She doesn’t believe in letting your child cry it out and she advocatesthe supportive presence approach whilst encouraging your child to settle themselves feels kind and sensible to me. Tizzie’s book discusses cot death and lots of other oft neglected sleep issues e.g disabled children, children with skin conditions, etc. She has lots of stories, answers LOADS of questions and the book exudes confident problem solving where sleep is concerned.


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