Increase your confidence in one day -Review and competition.

How lovely to be able to increase your confidence in one day. I have to say I read this book eagerly!
Olga writes as I assume she speaks, with excitement, a lovely accent and a lot of passion and positivity.?
I have read a lot of self help/confidence books in my time and yet I found this to be fresh and challenging and offer up some unique thoughts and exercises.
There are some excellent points made throughout this book such as the fact we focus on our weak points and strive to make them mediocre rather than push, focus on and enhance our strengths to make them EXCELLENT.  I so do that.  I also (I admit it) complain for attention and expect to be noticed when I sulk OMG! I’m like my toddler! Okay so I know why I’m feeling rubbish but whats to be done?
Olga shares a lovely story about a cracked pot and some flowers which I won’t spoil for you but what she is getiting to is a celebration of who you are, your uniquensess. Cnfidence at it’s heart is about knowing and celebrating yourself.
There is a very powerfuul exercise in this book which Olga says will have you in tears. Yeah right, I thought, but oh my goodness. You had to visualise the person who loved you best talking to you about what they see in you. I thought of my best person who passed away recently and I was utterly overwhelmned. I did feel very loved again (and yes I cried!) 
This is a fairly short book but it is powerful and I did emerge form it feeling positive and loved and having reclaimed some strength. Thanks Olga. I feel like in reading your book I just had a session with a really good life coach! 

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Competiton – 2 copies of Increase your Confidence are up for grabs….
To get your hands on a copy of Olga’s book just tell me this: if you were uber confident what would you do differently…….. ? 

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  1. If I was confident I wouldnt feel the need to change my outfit 15 times before going out… if only!

  2. Jenny Kearney says:

    I would probably hold my head a bit higher when I walk into a room of mum's at playgroup – maybe I'd even join in a conversation or two!

  3. Becky Goddard-Hill says:

    Oh jenny you should! I find the best way to get chatting at pplaygroups is to offer to help pack away at the end . You will make friends in an instant x

  4. andthenallithoughtaboutwasyou says:

    I would not let people walk all over me because I would have the confidence to say NO once in a while!

  5. Becky Goddard-Hill says:

    You go kerry! Practice it now NO NONONONONONONONO!

  6. Skinny Rich Coach says:

    Hayley, we all do that :-)
    well, may be not 15 times – that's a luxury :-) xxx

  7. Skinny Rich Coach says:

    Jenny, would you like for them to ask you to join the conversation? Start doing the following exercise:

    just before you enter a room of mum's at playgroup – think of the last moment you laughed a lot… really think & try to remember what made you laugh so much… Enter the room as you are remembering…

    You might need to do it few times :) … but eventually someone will want to talk to a woman who projects so much happiness and laughter.

    If anything – feel free to contact :)

    PS although I believe after entering the room for the third time and smiling, someone might even discuss the very similar situations – so you'll join in happily yourself :-)

  8. Skinny Rich Coach says:

    Oh and Jenny, Becky is so correct about offering help :) it works wonders xxx

  9. BECKICKLES says:

    If I was more confident about myself and the world I would be able to leave house without having to have someone with me. I would be able to surround myself with people again without worrying what people thought of me.
    I think that being confident is one step I have to accomplish in my long list of issues.
    Your book would be an interesting read.

    Thanks for running the comp.

    Becca x

  10. squeakymom says:

    If I were confident, I'd avoid my annual work-related meltdown, because I'd have the confidence to say no.

  11. superlucky says:

    If I were more confident I would love to be a radio DJ! Thanks for the competition!

  12. Becky Goddard-Hill says:

    Oh I would too Di…move over Frances Finn. Actually I'm prob confident enough already but I talk WAY fast!

  13. Second Time Mummy says:

    If I was more confident I'd pursue my dream of starting my own business.

  14. angel193780 says:

    If I was more confident I would say no and stick to it.Sounds a good book

  15. coffeewithkate says:

    If I were more confident I would be able to ask for help when I really need it instead of pushing myself to breakdown point. I would also find the confidence to stop a bad past from blighting a potentially bright future.

  16. If I was more confident I would have the courage to make a lot more friends and let a lot more people in my life instead of being afraid they might not like the real me.

  17. liveotherwise says:

    If I were more confident I wouldn't care about blog ranking badges and I'd have written the book I've been thinking about half my life or more.

  18. Skinny Rich Coach says:

    Thank you All so much for participation! I really appreciate your input and sharing your experiences.

    Warmest hugs to all & especial thanks to Becky!

    Olga L. xxx

  19. Just wanted to update you regarding the workshops I run from 1 March with limited amount of FREE spaces.
    Please see for further info:
    “The London Happiness Workshop For Women by Skinny Rich Coach”

    Kind regards,
    Olga x

  20. Sounds fab Olga!

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